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We offer you a chance to gain cumulative knowledge alongside with practical skills. Those are the main tools you need to become an excellent developer.

For those of you who already have some experience, this is the right place to upgrade and freshen up your knowledge and pick up new tricks.

We will also prepare you for your next (or first) job interview in the IT sector. Raising your chances to get the job you want while limiting the stress levels.

Whatever path you choose in the IT world, we got your back!.

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Responsive Web Design Course

  • - Basic HTML
  • - HTML 5
  • - Basic CSS
  • - CSS Flexbox
  • - CSS Grid

JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Course

  • - Basic JavaScript
  • - JavaScript ES6
  • - Debugging
  • - Intermediate Algorithm Scripting

Front End Libraries Course

  • - jQuery
  • - React
  • - Bootstrap
  • - Redux

Data Visualisation Course

  • - Ajax
  • - Data Visualisation with 3D
  • - JSON APIs

APIs and Microservices Course

  • - Node Package Manager
  • - Basic Node and Express
  • - Mongoose
  • - MongoDB

Information Security and Quality Assurance

  • - Advanced Node and Express
  • - HelmetJS
  • - Security and Quality Assurance with Chai

Coding Interview Prep

A list of numerous possible interview questions in different areas.

  • - Algorithms
  • - Data Structures
  • - Rosetta Code
  • - Project Euler



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Flexible Studying Pace

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“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.”

― Henry Ford